Study At OCL

Oxford College of London welcomes students who are keen to be challenged and encouraged to think about themselves. We stimulate natural curiosity and enable your ideas to flourish through dialogue and debate. We focus on the development of learners’ personal learning and thinking skills. Education at Oxford College of London offers students the opportunity to expand their minds as they experience new ideas and insights. At Oxford College of London we aim to foster creativity through discovery, analysis and the dissemination of knowledge. The college prides itself on a high standard of teaching and support it offers to students to help them succeed in achieving their goals.

It has developed a supportive atmosphere by constant monitoring of standards and the involvement of the students who provide regular feedback. Whatever your specialism of study is, you will have the use of modern teaching and learning facilities, including library and computing services.

Our key priority is to ensure that our students experience top quality teaching which allows you to achieve their full potential.

Oxford College of London is a community that put the needs of the students first. Our investment in learning and teaching never stops. We strive to make our students independent enquirers, creative thinkers and reflective learners. We are committed to continually enhance our learning environment for the benefits of our students and staff and strive to meet the international standards for effective investment in people. Our in depth and valuable experience has enabled us to develop a tradition of striving to achieve academic excellence, of which we are very proud of. We welcome students from wide range of countries and cultures, delivering to them high quality teaching, while carefully monitoring their academic progression. At Oxford College of London everyone is treated as an individual as they are. We are fully committed to equal opportunity and rights for everyone.

We endeavour to equip our students with the necessary skills which would assist them to succeed in their future life.